Samvāda is a knowledge and networking space for people in the impact community to present, discuss, brainstorm and spark dialogue on themes and knowledge areas in social impact. The objective of this space is to foster a cohesive and collaborative community that values academic discussion to enhance implementary effectiveness of social interventions. Our hope is to see many collaborative offshoots emerge as a result of this engagement.

Samvāda: Dialogue for Impact was started in our office in Bangalore in August 2019, in an effort to bring the social impact industry together. Through our past events, we have been able to reach over 100 organisations in the city, and each event has been attended by various social impact practitioners, academicians, researchers, CSR professionals, and impact career aspirants. Over the last few months, we have evaluated hard on how we want to move forward. We have decided to transition to a virtual platform to continue to reach our industry peers, and to focus our Samvāda events for this year on Problems and Solutions During the COVID Crisis in Rural India.

Our aim is to grow this to Samvāda Rural Collaborative eventually, and see more active interaction and exchange between organizations in rural India.

Samvāda focus for this year:
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Image testing the employee before going to work
Updates from our previous Samvāda on Community Outreach and Engagement

Join us for the next Samvāda : Dialogue for Impact 7

Topic: Redesigning Programs for COVID: Models of Success

When : 30.09.2020 at 4:30 pm

Speaker Organisations : ThinkSharp Foundation and Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti

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